Orchids of Norway

To find all the orchids in their habitats you have to travel the length and breadth of Norway from South to North and from East to West. Norwegian orchids have special requirements for habitat, and if these requirements are present you will discover that orchids are not rare. This site provides information in text and images of all the orchids in the nature.
This site is not a botanical encyclopedia where Norwegian orchids are described with greatest scientific accuracy. I have priority for visitors who have love for everything that exists in nature, and for anyone who has interest in wild orchids of Norway.



Protected Norwegian orchids

Law on management of natural diversity (Nature Diversity Act) of 19 June 2009, the main law of nature ever presented in Norway.
The draft Act provides rules for the sustainable use and conservation of nature and gives us the opportunity to stem the loss of biodiversity.
Dactylorhiza fuchsii - skogmarihand - Norske orkideer

Dactylorhiza fuchsii

Nature Diversity Act protects 13 orchids:

01. Cephalanthera longifolia
02. Cephalanthera rubra
03. Cypripedium calceolus
04. Dactylorhiza purpurella
05. Dactylorhiza sambucina
06. Anacamptis morio
07. Epipactis palustris
08. Epipogium aphyllum
09. Herminium monorchis
10. Microstylis monophyllos
11. Gymnadenia (Nigritella) nigra
12. Ophrys insectifera
13. Lysiella oligantha

To protect orchids in legislation is usually an ineffective action if action is only aimed at public use of nature and usually harmless in this context. The threats from agriculture and development are far greater.
Do not pick wild orchids that are not protected or put on the Norwegian Red List. All plants are nurtured the best where they grow, and picking of orchids provide no seeds.

Norwegian Red List

The Red List includes all plant and animal species that in some way threatened with extinction, are critically endangered or of naturally rare.
The Red List is divided into different categories defined by the World Conservation Union (IUCN). The first Norwegian Red List was completed in 1984.
Rød skogfrue - Cephalanthera rubra

Rød skogfrue – Cephalanthera rubra

Norwegian Red List 2015

01. Cephalanthera longifolia, NT (near threatened)
02. Cephalanthera rubra, EN (endangered)
03. Cypripedium calceolus, NT (near threatened)
04. Dactylorhiza purpurella. EN (endangered)
05. Dactylorhiza sambucina, VU (vulnerable)
06. Anacamptis morio, VU (vulnerable)
07. Epipactis palustris, EN (endangered)
08. Epipactis helleborine ssp. neerlandica, EN (endangered)
09. Epipogium aphyllum, VU (vulnerable)
10. Herminium monorchis, CR (critically endangered)
11. Liparis loeselii, RE (regionally extinct)
12. Microstylis monophyllos, EN (endangered)
13. Hammarbya (Malaxis) paludosa, NT (near threatened)
14. Lysiella oligantha, EN (endangered)
15. Gymnadenia (Nigritella) nigra, EN (endangered)
16. Ophrys insectifera, NT (near threatened)
17. Pseudorchis albida, NT (near threatened)
18 Coeloglossum viride ssp. islandicum, EN (endangered)
19. Epipactis helleborine ssp. neerlandica, EN (endangered)
20. Gymnadenia conopsea ssp. densiflora EN (endangered)