The genus Chamorchis consists of only one species which is Chamorchis alpina
Chamorchis alpina is found in Norway, Sweden and Finland, elsewhere in Europe only on the Kola Peninsula, in the Alps and Carpathians. 

Fjellkurle - Chamorchis alpina - Norske Orkideer

Chamorchis alpina

Fjellkule - Chamorchis alpina - Norske Orkideer

The flowers are small.

Chamorchis alpina

The species is a mountain’s orchid seldom above 10 cm tall and is our hardiest and slightest orchid. The flower has no spur, but nectar in a shallow channel along the centre of the lip. It is found at altitudes up to 1570 meters above sea level. Such heights can be few insects that the plant can attract when it blooms in July / August. Investigations on Dovre may indicate that Pollini can fall on his own scar and then possibly self-pollinating. It is found in southern Norway from Grimsdalen and Jotunheimen to Snåsa and North. In the three northernmost counties are the most common. By Vardo is also right by the sea.

You must examine the vegetation on the ground closely for at all to spot the plant, it is not particularly common. This orchid is a bicentric mountain plant which means it has a range in the south and a range in the north. Chamorchis alpina must have lime in soil to thrive.