The genus Neottia with about 50 species spread throughout the Northern Hemisphere.
In orchid literature is occasionally Common Twayblade and the Lesser Twayblade of the genus Neottia.  
Common Twayblade and Lesser Twayblade are set of the genus Listera in Norway. In Norway, only one orchid of the genus Neottia.

Fuglerede - Neottia nidus-avis - Norske Orkideer

Neottia nidus-avis


Neottia nidus-avis – Bird’s-nest Orchid

Bird Nest Orchid spread Eurasian mainly in temperate zones East to Japan. In Norway we find scattered and sporadic in fjords and coastal areas from Østfold to Telemark, but is widespread North to Narvik in Nordland.

The Bird Nest Orchid is lime-dependent and found in shady coniferous and deciduous somewhat moist soil up to 350 m. in Buskerud. It has not tubers, but has a root cluster on rhizome that resembles a bird’s nest. Stems are thick, has two sheaths without leaf plates and has a dense spike, with pale brown flowers. The species lacks leaves are yellowish-brown and can be up to 50 cm high. Bird’s-nest Orchid lacks chlorophyll and is completely dependent on its fungal partner throughout life.

Bird’s-nest Orchid blooms in May or June, but not every year. It is self-pollinating, but also small flies do the job. Also propagates vegetative by setting more shots from the rhizome, and can also flourish and produce seed capsules down in the soil.

Bird’s-nest Orchid is considered as near threatened on the Norwegian Red List.