The genus Coeloglossum only one species. Under either name, found in Northern Europe, large parts of Central Europe and down to the Northern parts of the Mediterranean, non-tropical Asia (Russia, Japan, China, the Himalayas), much of Canada and parts of the United States jn Alaska, Northeast, the Appalachians, Great Lakes Region, Northern Great Plains, and Rocky Mountains.
The genus is very close to the genus Dactylorhiza, and form hybrids with species of Dactylorhiza. But Frog Orchid (Coleoglossum viride) has some morphological characters different from Dactylorhiza.

In Norway Coeloglossum a separate genus into two subspecies Coeloglossum viride ssp. viride and Coeloglossum viride ssp. islandicum.

Grønnkurle - Coeloglossum viride - Norske Orkideer

Frog Orchid in a highland area

Islandsgrønkurle - Coeloglossum viride ssp islandicum

Coeloglossum  ssp. islandicum at Jæren

Frog Orchid – Coeloglossum viride

Frog Orchid in the lowlands will be fairly large grown, up to 30 cm high with only two to three distinctive bent leaves, slender and usually small number of flowers.

Specimens in the mountains often small and low with two to three outward bent leaves with short sparse spike, and 10-15 cm tall. The flowers in the mountains not rare shiny reddish brown. Frog Orchid growing in wet meadows, moist forests, grassy slopes and along streams mainly basic ground. Frog Orchid and Heath Spotted-orchid are our two most common orchids. In low-lying areas with many other green plants can be difficult to spot Frog Orchid.

Coeloglossum viride ssp. islandicum

Nearby the city of Stavanger in the dunes at Jæren subspecies islandicum isolated from the other Frog Orchids in Norway. Frog Orchid somewhat moist habitats finds its opposite in ssp. islandicum their habitat on grassy sand dunes facing the North Sea..

Coeloglossum viride ssp. isandicum  on the Norwegian Red List as critically endangered.

Islandsgrønnkurle - Coeloglossum viride ssp islandicum

Coeloglossum viride ssp. islandicum

Grønnkurle - Coeloglossum viride

Grønkurle blomst