The genus Pseudorchis is controversial and has also been placed in the genus Gymnadenia.
In Norway, two species of orchids defined genus Pseudorchis: Small White Orchid (Pseudorchis albida) and Pseudorchis straminea (a smaller alpine form).

Hvitkurle - Pseudorchis albida - Norske Orkideer

Hvitkurle – Pseudorchis albida

Pseudorchis albida – Small White Orchid

Small White Orchid is Eurasian and is widespread South to the Pyrenees and further East to Kamchatka. In Norway’s scattered and infrequent northward from the valleys North in Eastern and further North until Troms, but not in Finnmark. Small White Orchid also from Telemark and further West around the coast, and up to 1220 m. Ulvik in Hardanger. 
It has had strong decline in lowland southern exposure when it performs best on calcareous ground on turned pliers, pasture or an open herbaceous forest. The species does not like a modern agriculture and is on a sharp decline.

The species can be difficult to spot because it often grows on grasslands. Flower colour is not completely white, but whitish as species epithets albida implies. Small White Orchid can be 30 cm high and has up to seven leaves that are placed upward on the stem. Inflorescence with many flowers which narrows toward the top. The flowers have slight scent.

Flower lip has a middle lobe longer than side lobes and spur is thickest toward the end. The longer middle lobe is the easiest differentiates it from ssp. straminea.

Small White Orchid – Pseudorchis albida is rated as vulnerable on the Norwegian Red List.

Pseudorchis albida - Norske Orkideer

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