P straminea

Synonym: Gymnadenia straminea.

Fjellhvitkurle - Pseudorcis straminea - Norske Orkideer

Fjellhvitkurle Pseudorcis straminea

Pseudorchis straminea

Available from Canada and Greenland, Scandinavia and South Faroe Islands. In Norway it is normal and scattered in the mountains of Hedmark, Oppland, Telemark, Agder counties, Rogaland and north of Nord-Trøndelag also on the coast. It is found on calcareous soils in the mountain birch forests, marsh, meadow, pasture and in the high moors. In Vågå in Oppland is found up to 1800 m. In northern Norway, the species right down to sea level in the dunes with shell sand.
The plant grows up to 20 cm high, and often with outer bent blades. The flowers sitting on an inflorescence that are equally thick at the top. The flower is yellowish, but purer white colour than Small-white Orchid. Flower lip has a middle lobe which is as long as the side lobes and flowers have a strong scent of vanilla. Spore has a uniform thickness.

Pseudorcis straminea

Close up

This is a superb little orchid often growing together with Chalk Fragrant-orchid and Chamorchis alpina.




In Grimsdalen can be found among other Pseudorchis straminea, Gymnadenia conopsea and the southermost Chamorchis alpina