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Østersjømarihand - Dactylorhiza baltica

Dactylorhiza baltica

Dactylorhiza baltica

Dactylorhiza Baltica is widespread from East Germany, Poland, Estonia, Gotland and probably eastwards to Mongolia and Siberia. The summer of 2006 was at Tofte in Buskerud found an orchid not seem to decide on the nature as it was off-blossomed.

The summer after we were four people who visited the plant in flowering time, and it was agreed that the facility was Dactylorhiza baltica. Later this summer, the images presented a Danish professor of botany who on the basis of the images confirmed the discovery of Dactylorhiza baltica. Area plant was found in an industrial area to a paper mill where it is stored timber from the Baltic States and Brazil. It belongs to tell that it sometimes shows up other exotic plants in the area. Seeds have come together with timber. The factory has protected the area against physical intervention where Dactylorhiza baltica grows. The future will show whether Dactylorhiza baltica will spread to neighbouring areas and establishing themselves in our nature. The plant produced mature seed capsules in large numbers both in 2006 and in 2007.

Dactylorhiza baltica can be up to 70 cm high, has hollow stems with usually 6-9 light to dark speckled leaves pointing upward. Some plants may be missing spots on the leaves. The flowers are lilac to red and can be found in large numbers. Dactylorhiza baltica grows preferably in full sun in moist areas and it is not considered particularly lime demanding.

Dactylorhiza baltica - Østersjømarihand

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