Dark Red Helleborine

Rødflangre - Epipactis atrorubens - Norske Orkideer

Dark Red Helleborine – Epipactis atrorubens in habitat

Epipactis atrorubens – Dark-red Helleborine 

Epipactis atrorubens‘s East in Norway North until North Cape. The lack of large parts of Hedmark County and has its highest recorded habitat at 1270 m. Oppland County.

Epipactis atrorubens grows on calcareous ground on dry slopes, often in thin soil cover on bedrock with full sunlight. In the lowlands of southern Norway may be more than 50 cm high, while at the Nordkapp not higher than 15 cm.

The leaves are narrowly ovate and are generally mat underneath. The flowers are numerous and red. Flower coulor seems to depend on the amount of sunlight. In bright sunlight is flower color almost maroon, but in shadow will flower color lighter. It blooms in June / July.

Rødflangre - Epipactis

Close up

The different habitats of Dark-red Helleborine and Broad-leaved Helleborine leads to the two species not bloom at the same time. Dark-red Helleborine require more light and heat than Broad-leaved Helleborine that bloom a little later. Where grow spots meet, they can flourish simultaneously.